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Top 5 Best 55-Inch TV Under $700 in 2020

by Sean Hamilton

In TVs, people mostly prefer the 55-inch size. It’s perfect for a larger and a standard room size. It is neither small nor large enough to fit into any place. You must be looking for the best choice in this size of the TV. Everybody checks colors, sharpness, display, outlook, and sound quality. But, it becomes a bit confusing when the salesman tells something like LED, OLED, LCD, and HDR. You get confused and can’t understand what you want? Well, I will explain the technical points here in easy words.

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Best 55-Inch TV Under $700 [Top 3 Picks]

Buying Guide

When you visit the market, you see different brands on a 55-inch TV. All top-rated brands offer high-priced products. Buying a new brand may be risky. As a result, it is difficult to decide what to select and how? Here, I am going to explain some tips you should follow while buying 55″ TV. You can select any brand if you see the following qualities in its product.

Screen Resolution

The most important thing is a screen resolution. Generally, it is 1080p or lower. But, check 4K Ultra High Definition i.e. 2160p x 3840p. For the kitchen, a 21-inch, 1080p is good. But for a 55-inch product, look for 2160 x 3840. Content in this resolution is brighter and clearer.


Most of the people who visit the market to buy a TV for the first time do not know what is 4K UHD? Let me explain this term. UHD means Ultra High Definition. 4K means 4 times Ultra High Definition video quality. So, the 4K UHD means the technology that delivers exceptional stunning display. Simply, if you are buying a TV with 4K UHD, it means it delivers 4 times 1080p resolution. Make sure, you are selecting a 55-inch TV with 4K UHD technology for a brighter and sharp display. There will be a Faux K technology in TV sets. That is also good, but that will deliver a bit blurred content after a few years. So, for a longtime good TV, you need to select 4K UHD.

LED-backlit, OLED, LCD

Sellers tell you about LED-backlit, OLED and LCD and other technologies. These terms are a bit confusing. Let me explain them in simple words. The OLED has a limited lifespan. On the contrary, LED-backlit and LCD have a longer lifespan. An OLED technology TV delivers full brightness for 100,000 hours. Then, it reduces to 50%. Gradually, the number of nits reduces from 500 to 250. It is because the HDR content reduces the lifespan of OLED TV. So, in two popular choices i.e. LED-backlit LCD and OLED, choose the best one. If you want good quality content, select OLED. If you want a reliable TV, select LED.

High Dynamic Range

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is the latest technology for TVs. It brings a high-quality clearer and brighter display. Number of pixels makes the content more life-like. Viewing two TVs comparatively, you can check an HDR display.

Viewing Angles

Check if the product comes with larger viewing angles. Let me explain with an example.

While watching TV in a wider room, people sitting on the extreme side can’t view content clearly. People sitting in the center may be enjoying the movie or show, but people on sides may not. It is due to the bad viewing angles. That’s why; check viewing angles of TV. Check display from different angles. If it is distortion-free, it is the best TV to buy.

Simple in Functions

Choose a simple functioning TV. It shouldn’t have lots of buttons. Such TVs are difficult to operate. You may not understand its’ mechanism well. Ultimately, you need to get the help of a technician. Furthermore, such TV isn’t easy to operate for children and grandpas. So, select a simple-in-functions TV.


Check colors before you buy a TV. Some TVs show the unrealistic dark colors such as green and red colors. Others show faded light colors such as yellow, pink, sky blue and off-white. Check the balanced and realistic display.


Perfect color contrast is easy to check. If it has a proportional blend of dark and light colors, it is a perfect color contrast. Check display at zero contrast. Currently, in HDR-compatible TV it is called “High contrast.”

Modern Input Options

Check modern inputs such as HDMI, USB, RF composite, Ethernet and others. If it lacks these input options, TV’s functionality will decrease. You can’t connect it with media.

Warranty & Customer Service

Ask for a warranty for your product. If there is no or less warranty, don’t buy it. Besides warranty, there should be active customer service.

Best 55-Inch TV Under $700

1. Sony KD55X720E 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

4K HDR display brings high-quality content. The contrast, color, and brightness deliver a life-like experience of watching TV.

HDR with 4K Ultra HD screen resolution makes TV watching experience more enjoyable.

4K X-Reality Pro brings clarity in buildings, trees, and other natural objects.

Dynamic Contrast Enhancer enhances texture and colors in every scene. The deep black scenes come with a more natural tone.

Motionflow XR technology brings precise motion clarity in fast-action sports and movies.

You have direct access to Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and other online apps with a click.

The ClearAudio+ technology brings stunning sound quality.

Hidden cable panel keeps wires hidden from sight of people and makes sideways clean and cluttering-free.

2. Samsung UN55RU800FXZA Flat 55” 4K UHD 8 Series Smart TV

4K UHD 8 Series technology brings captivating colors with more clarity and life-like shading.

Bixby brings more ease for users. Use this voice command feature to change channels and volume.

Dynamic Crystal Color technology brings more brightness and sharpness. The realistic dark and light colors deliver the best entertainment experience.

The cinematic sound quality brings stunning and loud sound. You won’t experience tearing and stuttering sounds.

Wider viewing angles technology brings the same high-quality content.

Universal Guide allows you to find and play content from online platforms.

OneRemote technology automatically detects connected devices and controls them with a click.

3. TCL 55R617 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

It comes with 6-Series 4K TCL Roku TV for unparalleled display quality.

Dolby Vision HDR brings more enhanced colour contrast.

NBP Photon technology brings more realistic colours.

It has thousands of channels with a simple user interface.

Voice control feature ensures quick search content and view it.

It has built-in WiFi, HDMI, Ethernet and headphone input options.

4. LG 55UM7300PUA Alexa Built-in 55” 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

4K UHD resolution enhances picture quality.

HDR10 and HLG technologies make content more enjoyable and clearer.

Ultra Surround technology creates a clearer sound.

LG ThinQ AI technology keeps you connected with Smart Home devices. Control them with remote control.

It has HDMI, Bluetooth, Wireless, USB and Ethernet input options.

5. LG Electronics 55UJ6300 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

4K UHD HDR technology delivers premium quality content.

Ultra Accurate Color brings accurate sharpness and life-like brightness.

IPS ensures an enhanced contrast of colours.

Wide viewing angles allow you to watch TV from any angle. Even, sitting on extreme end won’t make a difference.

webOS 3.5 Smart TV technology gives you free access to 70 premium TV channels by using the Channel Plus.

You can watch 100 free IP channels. Access Netflix movies and shows without restriction.

It introduces A La Carte TV i.e. live TV service. You can create watch list and customize channels in different categories.


What is the best 55” TV?

There is no particular TV, but Sony, Samsung, Vizio, LG and TCL offer the best budget TV in 55”.

Are LG TVs reliable?

Yes, it is a reliable TV manufacturer. It manufactures inexpensive, good-value TVs for people with a limited budget.

How close should I sit to a 55” TV?

If you are watching 55” TV, your minimum distance should be 4.5 to 7 feet from it.

Is excessive TV watching a bad habit?

Yes, too much TV watching can rot the brain.

What TV size is the best for a 10 x 10 room?

A 40” TV set is best for a 10 x 10 room. It doesn’t need 55” TV.

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