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Best Laptops for Writers in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

by Sean Hamilton

With the advancement in technology, the writers use laptops because typing is easier than writing. Furthermore, it’s easy to edit. That’s why they look for a perfect machine that could be fast in performance and easy to carry. Here, I am listing the top 5 best laptops for writers. See their specs and select the one that suits your writing needs.

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Best Laptops for Writers

1. Samsung Chromebook 3 – Overall Best

Display: It has 11.6 inches full HD display.

Processor: Intel Celeron N3060 processor delivers fast performance up to 2.48 Ghz.

RAM: 4GB RAM is good for smooth multitasking.

Keyboard: The keyboard is very responsive and soft.

Storage: It has a 16GB storage capacity.

Connectivity Options: It has the latest USB 4.0, HDMI, USB Type-C and other ports.

Weight: It weighs only 2.54 lbs for easy portability.

Samsung Chromebook 3 VS Acer Chromebook 15

Both machines have powerful processors and the same RAM. But Chromebook 15 has a better display with IPS technology. Chromebook 3 is comparatively lightweight. But Chromebook 15 has a longer battery life. Chromebook 3 has an upgraded Bluetooth connectivity. However, Acer Chromebook 15 has more connectivity options. Overall, Samsung Chromebook 3 is a budget laptop for writers.


Pros: It has a good processor, RAM and cloud storage. The battery life is longer than your expectations. It ensures the utmost security of your data. The laptop has a soft and responsive keyboard and good display.
Cons: The storage space is limited. It doesn’t have an optical drive. The graphics processor isn’t very powerful.

2. New Apple MacBook Air - Best Performance
Display: It has 13 inches Retina display with True Tone technology for crystal clear content.

Processor: Intel Core i5 8th Gen processor delivers super-fast multitasking.

RAM: It has 8GB RAM for lag-free performance.

Keyboard: The keyboard is soft and responsive.

Storage: 256GB SSD brings a vast room for all your content.

Connectivity Options: It has two USB Type-C and other connectivity options.

Weight: It weighs only 2.75 pounds.

Battery: Battery lasts for 12 hours.

MacBook Air VS MacBook Pro

Both machines have the same slimmer and sleeker finish and Retina display. MacBook Air has an inferior display but has a larger trackpad and more responsive keyboard. Both have USB Type C ports. MacBook Air has more connectivity ports and the latest Bluetooth technology. However, MacBook Air has a bit smaller battery life than Pro. Overall, MacBook Air is a good choice for writers due to a very responsive touchscreen and a soft keyboard.


Pros: Apple has released it with an elegant and smarter look. It’s lightweight for easy portability. The touch is very responsive. It has a good processor, RAM and battery life.
Cons: It’s a pricier machine with limited storage capacity. It shows average performance.

3. LG Electronics LG Gram 14Z970 - Best Budget

Display: 14 inches full HD IPS Touch Screen 1920 x 1080 display ensures clearer and brighter view.

Weight: It weighs around 2 pounds and easy in portability.

Battery: The battery lasts for 14.5 hours.

Processor: It has 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processor for smooth multitasking.

RAM: 8GB RAM delivers a lag-free performance.

Storage: It has 512GB SSD for fast storage.

LG Gram VS XPS 15

Both machines have the same RAM, display size and resolution type. But LG Gram has upgraded SSD. However, XPS 15 has the latest graphics card. Both have the same camera and fingerprint reader. LG Gram has more connectivity options. Moreover, LG Gram is slimmer and lightweight.


Pros: It has a full HD display and a lag-free performance. You can use it in outdoor and indoor environments. This lightweight machine is easy for portability. It has a long-lasting battery.
Cons: LG Gram has an average sound quality. There is no optical drive in it.

4. Acer Chromebook 15 - Fast Performance Laptop

Display: It has a 15.6 inches full HD display.

Processor: Intel Pentium N4200 processor is good for smooth multitasking.

RAM: It has 4GB RAM for lag-free performance.

Keyboard: The keyboard is responsive.

Storage: 32GB hard disk drive and cloud-based 100GB storage provide you with a panoramic room for content.

Weight: It weighs only 2.54 lbs for easy portability.

Acer Chromebook 15 VS HP Chromebook 14

Both machines have the same IPS display. But HP Chromebook 14 has a smaller display with lower resolution. These Chromebooks have the same RAM, storage and graphics card. But, Acer Chromebook 15 has more connectivity options. Overall Acer Chromebook 15 is a budget-friendly option for writers.


Pros: The machine has come with a good processor and RAM for smooth multitasking. It has cloud-based storage, a large number of Google apps and complete security of your data. The display is crystal-clear. It has a responsive keyboard.
Cons: The graphics processor is average. There are no writer’s apps like Google Docs and Google Sheets. It has no optical drive.

5. Lenovo Yoga 720 2-in-1 Laptop Notebook

Display: FHD display with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution ensures a crystal clear visual experience.

Mode: You can use it in dual-mode: tablet and laptop.

Processor: Intel Core i5 7th Gen processor delivers a faster multitasking.

Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 620 brings super-fast gaming and streaming.

RAM: 8GB RAM ensures a lag-free performance.

Storage: 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD bring a panoramic room for all your content.

Connectivity Ports: It has USB Type-C, Ethernet, Headphone and other necessary ports.

Sound: JBL Stereo speakers produce louder and realistic sound.

Lenovo Yoga 720 VS 730

Both machines have similar display, resolution and storage space. Lenovo Yoga 730 has an upgraded processor. Both have the same RAM, wireless technology and storage capacity. Yoga 720 has a louder sound. In the same way, it has long battery life than Yoga 730. Lenovo Yoga 720 is costly as compared to 730. But for writers, Yoga 720 is a good performance machine.


Pros: Yoga 720 has a good processor; graphics card and RAM to support writers’ applications. It has a good storage capacity. The laptop has all-important connectivity ports and the latest wireless connectivity.
Cons: It’s a pricier product. It doesn’t have a backlit keyboard.

So, guys, the above options are perfect for writers. These are budget-friendly machines and easy in portability. The performance of these machines is also stunning. Check their prices and buying guide and select a suitable machine for your convenience.

Buying Guide

The writers don’t require high-performance laptops. They need some particular machines that have writing gear. Well, don’t waste your money in buying a high-performance laptop because that’s costly. Here are some buying tips. Follow them and select a good machine.


Since a writer requires a laptop for writing novels, notes, stories and essays, he needs a good storage. The recommended storage is 500GB.


A 4GB RAM is perfect for a smooth performance. If you have some more budget, you can also select 8GB RAM.

Touchscreen/Writing Tab

If the laptop has a touchscreen display, it’s time-saving for a writer. He can view content and edit within no time.

Writing Software

Make sure, it has pre-installed writing tools like MS Office, etc.


An Intel Core i5 processor is good for a writer’s laptop. If you have some more budget, select Intel Core i7.


Make sure, you have a responsive keyboard. The keys should be soft because most of the time, you have to type.


Writers prefer carrying their machines with them on most of the places. So, select a lightweight machine for easy portability. It should be less than 6 lbs.


What is the best laptop for writers?

A fast, lightweight laptop with a soft keyboard is best for writers.

What are some top brands offering laptops for writers?

Asus, Dell, Acer, Lenovo and Microsoft are some major brands in this context.

Is Chromebook suitable for writers?

Yes, it’s suitable for writers because it’s easy to afford the machine. It’s easy to carry and has a responsive touchscreen.

Is a MacBook good option for writers?

No, it’s costly and out of affordability for most of the users.

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